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1 Donation to Research Team

5% of the campaign profit is donated to the academic research team of Dr. Carol Lin from the School of Energy and Environment in the City University of Hong Kong, supporting the research work on the valorization of food waste for sustainable production of chemicals and materials. This is crucial to the development of food waste recycling technology.

2 Upcycling & Developing Coffee Grounds

Part of the campaign profit supports the development and production of coffee grounds upcycling products. The product sales profit then returns to support the continuity of the campaign.

Coffee grounds upcycling products include:

  1. Our brand Coffee NEXT products
  2. Customized eco premium

3 Compost Processing & Donation

Most of the coffee grounds recycled is fermented to compost. Some compost is packaged as Coffee NEXT household pack for sale; whereas the rest is donated to local farms and private farms to support the local agricultural industry.