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2019 Jun  【DBS Sparks | Inspired by Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign】

Produced by DBS, SPARKS - Season 2 - Episode 3 "The Grounds Up" is inspired by Eco-Greenergy's Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign. It is a story between bankers and social entrepreneurs. For more details, click here.

Eco-Greenergy is the grant awardee of DBS Foundation Grant in 2017. The grant was used to support us in setting up the production and activity facility in Hong Kong and developing new products. More information on the grant here.

2018 Nov  【Starbucks: 12 Ideas to Use Coffee Grounds in Christmas for a better environment】

For every Christmas, Starbucks share warmth with the community and the environment while sharing the joy with customers during the festival. This year, Starbucks Hong Kong launches "Grounds for Joy" to advocate 12 different usage of coffee grounds for Christmas. This includes "Coffee Grounds Handwash Gift Set" for charity sales, free "Mini Coffee Grounds Pack" distributed at all stores in Hong Kong and Macau, and workshops. The project aims to encourage customers to reuse coffee grounds for a better environment.

Eco-Greenergy, with the support of its Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, recycles coffee grounds from Starbucks to hand-make the "Coffee Grounds Handwash Gift Set" and "Mini Coffee Grounds Pack" for the "Grounds for Joy". This offers coffee grounds a second life.

Project details:


2017 Nov  【Toast Box: "Sprouting Kit" for 10th Anniversary Celebration】

As a celebration of the 10th anniversary, Toast Box collaborates with the social enterprise Eco-Greenergy for their first time to launch the "Sprouting Kit" in the festival of Christmas. Through their Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, 290 kg coffee grounds have been recycled from Toast Box's 11 branches which are in turn upcycled as planting pot and compost. The compost and seeds are packed using 100% compostable starch bag, echoing the environmental messages of the gift. This kit can grow basil or parsley which is commonly used in southeast Asia cuisine.

Eco-Greenergy is also invited to conduct coffee grounds soap making workshops at stores to share the Christmas joy with customers by hand-making a unique box of soap gift.

2016 Nov  【Starbucks: 3 Innovative Coffee Grounds Products for Christmas】

For this Christmas, Starbucks (Hong & Macaus) is launching a series of coffee grounds made products for their first time. These make a perfect gift for your friends & loved one in addition to their eco cause.

Eco-Greenergy, with the support of its Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, recycles coffee grounds from Starbucks to hand-make the "Coffee Grounds 3D Coffee Cup Handmade Soap", "Coffee Grounds Candle" & "Coffee Grounds Coaster" for the project. This offers coffee grounds a second life.

The product sales in full amount was donated to Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign to support the coffee grounds recycling service in Hong Kong.

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