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Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign | Video Clips

《DBS x HK01 Live Kind》
Recycles Coffee Grounds for Our Planet

After drinking a cup of coffee with wonderful taste, have you thought of where the coffee grounds goes? It is not necessarily the landfill. In Hong Kong, 2 youngsters initiated a coffee grounds recycling campaign to upcycle coffee grounds into the various daily goods, giving coffee grounds a complete and meaningful life cycle......

SPARKS | Season 2 Episode 3: From Grounds Up

Produced by DBS, SPARKS - Season 2 - Episode 3 "The Grounds Up" is inspired by Eco-Greenergy's Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign. It is a story between bankers and social entrepreneurs. For more details, click here.

Eco-Greenergy is the grant awardee of DBS Foundation Grant in 2017. The grant was used to support us in setting up the production and activity facility in Hong Kong and developing new products. More information on the grant here.