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Coffee Base

The "Coffee Base" is founded and run by the social enterprise "Eco-Greenergy" in 2020. It is funded and supported by "DBS Foundation Grant 2017". This is the factory supporting the operation of the "Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign" in processing the collected coffee grounds from categorization, grinding, producing and R&D for products. The factory also offers coffee grounds upcycling experiential tour for the public, schools & corporate to participate so as to educate them to apply the eco knowledge in daily life.

Experiential Tour

Target Audience:
  • The Public
  • Organizations (Schools / NGOs / Corporate)
Age Limit: Not restricted
(Children below 12 years old need to be accompanied by parents)
Duration: ~ 1 hour
No. of Participants/ Tour: 6 - 12 pax
Fee: HKD150/ pax
Tour Overview
  1. Origin, philosophy & the eco effort of Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign
  2. Properties & usage of coffee grounds
  3. How is coffee grounds collected for recycling?
  4. How is coffee grounds processed?
  5. Production process of selected coffee grounds product

🎁 Each participant will be given 1 set of coffee grounds upcycled product.

Enrollment Method

Due to the widely spread COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong recently, we would like to eliminate the social health risk due to crowd gathering. Therefore, the "Coffee Base Experiential Tour" will be suspended until the epidemic is under control. Please continue to follow our website and Facebook page for the latest news.

Grant Awarding Project of DBS Foundation in 2017

The Grant was used to set up the "Coffee Base", the production and activity facility in Hong Kong and develop new products. More information on the grant here.