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八達通銀包付款程序 | Octopus Wallet Service Payment Procedure

 商戶名稱 | Merchant Name: Eco-Greenergy 綠行俠

方法一  |  Method 1

  1. 用手機點擊以下按鈕開啟付款連結
    Use the mobile phone to open the payment link by clicking the button below.
    [付款連結|Payment Link]
  2. 選擇用「八達通」手機應用程式開啟付款連結
    Choose using the "Octopus" mobile app to open the payment link.
  3. 輸入付款金額
    Enter the payment amount.

方法二  |  Method 2

  1. 用「八達通」手機應用程式掃描以下QR二維碼
    Use PayMe mobile app to scan the QR code below.
  2. 輸入付款金額
    Enter the payment amount.