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Intro of the Social Enterprise - Eco-Greenergy

Eco-Greenergy is an environmental social enterprise founded in 2014. Our core businesses include Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign (ZGCC), eco products retail sales & customization and eco education workshops. From daily operation to product selection and design, being eco and user-friendly is our core value. Offering employment/ practicum opportunities to underprivileged talent is also our mission to serve. With the simple and sustainable solutions, customers can go green with us easily while enhancing an inclusive society! 

Core Values

We value our customers as how we value the nature.

  • Every delivered solution is sustainable.
  • Going green is the goal; user adoption is the key.
  • A minor change in individual behavior contributes to a major change in the world.


Business Areas

  • Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign
    Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign
  • Eco products (retail & corporate premium)
  • Eco education workshops & experiential activities

Our Brands

  • Coffee NEXT
    Coffee NEXT
    This is a brand of our coffee grounds upcycling products supported by the Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign which transforms coffee grounds to valuable items. It advocates the message of "Enjoy Coffee, Recycle Grounds".

  • OneSTEP
    This is a brand minimizing the use of disposable plastic. It advocates the message of "One Step for the Change", encouraging consumers to do 1 more step by utilizing tools to avoid plastic trash for the positive change to the environment.

  • Ms Flour 麵粉俠
    Ms Flour
    This is a brand upcycling used flour bags to daily products. Flour bags are locally recycled from food processing factories. They were disposed to landfills but are now upcycled. With its food safe and fine quality of cotton or polyester material, every product comes with a unique pattern and style.

  • Bag Boy
    Bag Boy
    This is a brand upcycling disposed snack bags to bag products. Snack bags are locally collected from public citizens and corporate. Making full use of the colorful and attractive snack brand printing on those aluminium foil bags, they are upcycled to various types of pocket bags. For more details about the "Snack Bag Recycling Campaign", click here.


Exclusive Agency Brand

  • GoodWastes 好廢
    Through cooperation with community organizations, Good Wastes collects high-quality cooked cooking oil from designated restaurants. The laborers in the community who are idle due to various factors assist in the process of manual filtration and boiling, which converts the waste oil in everyone’s eyes into useful, easy-to-use, and harmless cleaners not only contribute to the protection of the environment. But also allow the working population in the community to get jobs, add skills, and keep them in touch with society.
  • Icicle Straw 推拆式飲管
    Icicle Straw
    Icicle Straw is designed to solve the hygienic problem of traditional reusable straws. It has a revolutionary design that can slide-apart for easy cleaning with complete internal access. The product of this Hong Kong brand has won the "Asia Design Prize Winner" award and "Golden Pin Design Award 2019".
  • UK Pokito Collapsible Cup
    Pokito is a collapsible and portable coffee cup introduced from the Britain. It is designed and made in Britain. The cup can be resized to 3 different standard coffee volume to suit your drink. The product is certified by the US FDA and EU EMA to ensure complete material safety.
  • The Chief Project 手帕集作
    The Chief Project
    The Chief Project collects and upcycles leftover fabric yardages from professional cotton fabric manufacturers, giving them a second life as different kind of reusable fabric daily products through the hands of local women labour organisations.

We are listed on

”SE ”Caring”Community

Grant awardee of DBS Foundation in 2017

DBS Foundation

The Grant was used to set up the production and activity facility in Hong Kong and develop new products. More information on the grant here.

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