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Coffee grounds has a wide range of usage. Public can take FREE COFFEE GROUNDS from any coffee shops in the town by bringing a container. Enjoy coffee grounds!

Through heating, the 99.8% content in coffee beans unused in the process of brewing gives out a revitalising aroma, which can be used as a replacement for your usual aromatic oil.

Coffee grounds consists of 2% nitrogen. The optimal C:N ratio makes coffee ground a good fertilizer. After placing coffee grounds into plant pots, nutrients is released into the soil through a 3-month process of natural fermentation. This is especially beneficial to the growth of leaves.

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Coffee grounds, enveloped in materials like stockings, is a floor polish itself, adding longevity and shine to floorings.

The porous structure of coffee grounds can also absorb odour. It can be done simply by placing air dried and bottled coffee grounds in ashtrays, refrigerators and cabinets.

Coffee grounds alone has the ability to absorb and scrub dirt. Mixing it with soap utilizes the porous structure by attracting dirt and grease even better, making it a more effective cleansing agent.

Coffee grounds upcycling soap is available at our e-shop.

Alkaloid in coffee grounds can be used as a natural pesticide. Caffeine is extracted by simmering fine, dry coffee grounds. Filtered coffee liquid can then be transferred into a spray bottle after cooling down. Spraying onto your plants every 2-3 days can keep bugs away!

The porous structure of coffee grounds resembles that of activated carbon, giving it a dehumidifying property. It can be done simply by placing air dried and bottled coffee grounds in cabinets and closets.