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For organizations already implementing food waste management programs, the most common solution is to compost the food waste. However, the compost produced may not be fully utilized on-site. Meanwhile, some local farms need the compost for agriculture use. This service aims to achieve better resource allocation.





Accumulated Mapped Compost

117.6 tons

Compost Producers

If your organization has excess compost, 👇submit a request using the online form in the page👇 to enjoy the compost user mapping service. The compost collected will be distributed to parties in need. Recipient proof can be provided upon request.

Compost Users

If your organization needs any compost for agriculture or landscaping purpose, get it via either of the channels below.

  • Fermentation Level: Semi-fermented for 30+ days
  • Composition: 90% coffee grounds, 5% recycled wood chips & 5% other natural organic components (e.g. leaves, raw food waste)

Channel 1:Enjoy Free Semi-fermented Compost

  • Compost Fee: Free of charge
  • Pick-up Method: Self-pickup at Wah Tat Industrial Centre in Kwai Chung
  • Average Waiting Time:
    Depends on the application quantity, the average waiting time is 1-4 weeks.
  • Application Method:
    👉Fill in the online application form on the right👉

Application Form

Channel 2: Social Support Fully-Fermented Compost

  • Compost Fee: $88/ 12kg
  • Logistic Fee:
    • Self-pickup: Free of charge
      Pick up in Wah Tat Industrial Centre in Kwai Chung
    • Delivery:
      (Click HERE for more delivery options & offer.)
      • ​New Territories & Kowloon Districts: $150
      • Hong Kong Island District: $200
  • Average Waiting Time:
    1-2 working days
  • How to Purchase?
    👉Click the item on the right👉 to purchase the compost with social support. All proceeds will be allocated to support the Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign (ZGCC) for the coffee grounds recycling, upcycling and development work.

RECRUIT | Compost Bags

The bags carrying the compost are the second hand bags donated from various organizations, such as handcraft beer factory, along the time. These bags were used to carry food resources like rice and malt.

We would like to recruit more from YOU to fully utilize the available resources before we purchase new bags.

Let us know/ pass us the bags directly if you may supply. Thank you for your support!

Accumulated Collected Compost Bag

4,150 units

☑️Dimensions: 40 x 60 cm or above
☑️Supporting Weight: 15 kg or above
☑️Material: Nylon, cloth or materials with high density preferably
☑️Quantity: The more the better - any quantity of 1 or above
☑️Quality: 1) Clean & 2) Intact bag mouth
☑️Collection Point: Eco-Greenergy Showroom (Click for Map)
☑️Deadline: None - The compost is awaiting them.
☑️For regular bulk donation, please contact us for logistic arrangement.

Some of the Collaborating Partners

  • SKP Farm
  • 環保農莊
  • 綠豆豆農莊
  • 坪石天主教小學
  • 豐盛有機農莊
  • Fun n Farm
  • 心樂有機菜園
  • 八福農莊
  • Legacy 93
  • Eden Farm
  • 香港路德會
  • 見農在田
  • 康苗農莊
  • 川上農莊
  • 香城遺菇
  • 芳序園藝