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Accumulated Recycled Snack Bag

18,688 units


The "Snack Bag Recycling Campaign" has already ended.


Why Recycle Snack Bags?

Snack bags are mostly made by further processing aluminium foil and/ or plastic. Because of the nature of composite materials, they are not recyclable for now. Some snack bags are with pure plastic. However, its colorful printing lowers its recycling value. This kind is filtered out by some recyclers. These packing bags are waterproof with attractive printing. However, their life always ends at the landfill after we have finished enjoying its wonderful yet evil snack. 

From now on, when you have finished your snack, just clean and send us the bags. This will give them a second life. We have discovered its potential of being upcycled to various daily household goods. Let's eat more, waste less!

📌Collection Point📌


The "Snack Bag Recycling Campaign" has already ended.



Snack Bag Specifications

✔️The snack bag must be thoroughly cleaned💧& hang dried completely. ☀️
✔️Dimensions: The length of the shortest side is at least 12 cm 
✔️Keep the bag shape. Only accept bags with intact mouth.
✔️Snack bag types: Potato chips, shrimp strips, shrimp slices, corn strips, Pretz, biscuits, chocolate, coffee, coffee beans, instant noodles, cereals, dumpling & dim sum (mainstream brands are preferred)

✔️SnackSnack Bag Material: Aluminium foil

Aluminium Foil

Unacceptable Bag Conditions

Not Cleaned / Dried

Non-Food Bags

Frozen Meat Bags

Pet Food Bags

Plain Bags

With Many Folds
& Serious Wrinkles

With the sides Cut Open

(Only the bag bottom needs to be cut open to facilitate thorough cleaning. Cutting the sides open affect the material preparation step of the upcycling process.)

Broken Pieces

How to Clean Snack Bags?

⚠Remark: If the snack bag is originally used to carry individually packed food/ snack, step 2 can be skipped.

Keep the snack bag opening intact.

After finishing the snack, cut the bag bottom off tidily to facilitate cleaning.

Wash the bag thoroughly with soap / detergent. For oily bags, soak it overnight.

Hand the bag dry.
Ensure the bag is clean before recycling.

Participating Organizations

浸信會愛羣社會服務處 Chun Wo Kids’ Cooking Hub PricewaterhouseCoopers

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