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Accumulated Recycled Coffee Grounds

82 tons

How to Enroll?

  1. Evaluate the amount of coffee grounds produced every day in your cafe / office.
  2. Evaluate space available in your cafe/ office for coffee ground storage.
  3. Fill in the online form to enroll. [Click Here]
  4. After form submission, ZGCC team will contact you for logistic arrangement.

Precautions on Coffee Grounds Storage

  • Coffee grounds can be stored, without the no. of days, until being collected.
  • Coffee Grounds Storage Container
    • Applicable organizations can join the "Bin for Bin" service to avoid additional disposable packaging waste.
    • Otherwise, empty bags which used to carry coffee beans are commonly used to carry coffee grounds. Trash bin bags are also fine as long as there is no leakage.
  • In the bag/ container which carries coffee grounds, there should NOT be other contaminators, e.g. plastic bottles, cutlery, tissue, milk carton.
  • Coffee capsules are not accepted.

Logistic Arrangement

Recycling Frequency
Depends on the 1) amount of the coffee grounds & 2) space available for coffee grounds storage, frequencies 1) weekly/ 2) biweekly will be suggested.

Recycling Schedule
Anytime during 9 am - 5 pm (except lunch time)

Recycling Venue

  • Applicable to points where FREE parking is supported
    At the door
  • Applicable to points where FREE parking is NOT supported
    Clients need to carry and pass the coffee grounds to ZGCC staff downstairs at the building.

Service Fee

Per pick-up per location

  • $150 for New Territories & Kowloon areas
  • $200 for Hong Kong Island areas
  • $250 for suburban area

Recycling data and graphs are provided in a monthly basis.


Min. Weight/ Pickup: No limitation

Max. Weight/ Pickup: 100 kg

Participating Organizations