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Plastic Free Takeaway Campaign | Introduction

The "Plastic Free Takeaway Campaign" aims to encourage and popularize the use of biodegradable disposable food boxes and tableware in the catering industry to reduce the generation of traditional disposable plastic waste and its negative impact on the environment. This campaign includes procurement, sales, marketing and sharing of environmental protection knowledge. By regularly featuring participating merchants, consumers can make sustainable consumption decisions by understanding their efforts and work in environmental protection.

Food Safe Material

No PP Plastic

Made of Plant Fiber






  • 商戶商標及店舖詳情會刊登於我們的網站
  • 成功參與即可享一次在我們的社交平台發佈的推廣帖文

商戶只要有使用可降解純植物纖維外賣餐盒或餐具,在社交平台發佈帖文展示1) 商戶環境及標誌、2) 外賣餐盒的使用,標籤「Eco-Greenergy 綠行俠」專頁 及 hashtag 計劃關鍵字 #無塑外賣 #PlasticFreeTakeawayCampaign,即可參與計劃。



Participating Restaurants/ Organizations

- We are engaging/ recruiting more catering members to take this eco purchase decisions. Join us now! -